BEST 2019 TOWNHALL 8 (TH8) Base War,Trophy,Farming & Hybrid Bases 2019 Layouts!

Clash of clans is a war based game that focuses on your strategic and management skills. From your attacking skills to your defense planning, everything needs clever management. In this post today we have brought out the best layouts for TH8 bases. As you upgrade to TH8 Base, new defenses will be unlocked.

All this needs to be carefully planned and placed to make an excellent base for your village. There are many factors that you need to take care of while designing/ building your village base but the more important thing is to prioritize these factors. This helps you focus on things that you want, which are more important to you. The collection of the best bases for TH8 will give you a wide base of choices for your base. Things get a little complex as you progress in COC and people often get confused about planning their bases. But do not worry, check out the best bases for TH8 ,TH8 War Base , TH8 Farming Base, TH8 Trophy Base, TH8 Hybrid Bases and select the best fit for you. Make your clan more powerful by designing your village using these best coc bases for TH8 Base

BEST COLLECTION OF Townhall 8 Bases 2019!!!

TH8 BASES 2019


Top 10 Powerful Th8 War Base Anti GoWIPe, Anti Hogs, Anti Dragons

Base 1: Town Hall 8  War Base 2019 -CoC ,clash of clans Best TH8 War Base “Anti-Dragons, Anti-Gowipe”

Gowipe is a combination of very powerful troops, and it is a pretty expensive troop. GoWiPe consist’s of Golem, Wizards, Pekka, Wall Breakers and some archers. The most important part of GoWipe is funneling, If the opponent doesn’t funnel the troops into the interior of the base, you will surely win the defense. GoWiPe is all about funneling and making wizard, Pekka, barbarian king follow the Golems because if they are not followed you could be at risk.

So, You have to use a packed base which means it should be a widespread base. You should protect your defense buildings by extreme wall protection and storage protection.

We have the best TH8 war base ever and there is the reason for that. Some of the most hard-to-break attacking strategies include GoWipi and Dragons. You will either win with flying colors or be destroyed no doubt about that. But with this base, there is only one of the possibility of the above. This base will power-up your defense with the amazing anti-Gowipi tactics. Making the base packed, widespread elements, so it is as hard as it can be for the enemy to funnel his troops into the core. Channeling is used perfectly here. So, even if your opponent breaks in they won’t get to the core but go around it instead.

Dragons are another point of concern for anyone who is designing/ building their base and this base have took care of this too.

Replay proof:

Base 2: Town hall 8  War Base: Anti GoWipe Anti Dragon Anti Hog + Defense with REPLAY 2019

Combining the ability of a perfect defender, this TH8 war base can protect your base against three of the most threatening attacking strategies. The channeled and widespread design of the base helps protect it against theGowipe strategy that most attackers use.

Hogs are another trouble. When they are at Level 4, they get really powerful and if used with proper strategy, have the ability to destroy your entire base. But not this time. Here, we have the Wizard Tower and Giant Bomb placements. This are two weak points for Hogs and we’ll hit them where it hurts them most! The Wizard Towers are very efficient in killing the Hogs and Giant Bombs add to it.

Being widespread, this TH8 war base also gives a great defense against the Mass Dragons Attack. The Tesla Towers and Wizard Towers placed near air defense are quite sufficient for the dreaded dragons.

Overall, this base is a perfect combination of defense Anti-Gowipe, Anti Hog and Anti-drag war base for TH8

Replay proof:

Base 3: 2018 Best New Town hall 8 (TH8) War base 2018 Anti valk, anti hog, anti dragon.

The next base is completely new. Valkyries have grown really popular recently. And, with the upgrade to Level 4, they have grown very powerful too. With the capability of destroying your base, Valks are the point of concern in recent times. But, there is no course for alarm as we know already how to get them. The defenses placed around the core will keep the Valks distracted and even if the attacker uses the Rage or Jump Spell, the Valks won’t go to where they want to. Also, the multiple compartment feature of the base will add to your win.

This widespread compartment feature and defense ring will add to defending against the Mass Dragon attack too. The air defenses with Air Sweepers will work out great for taking down the dreaded dragons.

Giant Bombs placed all over the base will keep the hogs from entering into the core.

Replay proof:


This Th8 war base focuses majorly on the feature which its the the Bomb Tower. If you expect the attacker to be using a lot of ground tower, having a base with Bomb Tower a great way to deal with them. Also, the bomb tower complements the Air defenses. So, the air defenses are well backed up. The base can give you aneasy Anti 2 stars. The bomb tower is placed wisely over the layout so it is efficient against the nasty troops. The design will add to defending against them too.

Base 5: Town hall 8 th8 War Base 2019 WITH ANTI Dragon, ANTI Hog, ANTI Gowipe, ANTI 2 Star, ANTI 3 Star, ANTI Valkyrie.

This Th8 war base is programmed targeting Dragons, Hog Riders, Valkyries and is a great success against Gowipe and its likes.

The base is broad and has multiple compartment feature of the base to distract dragons, Valks and Hogs. Even if they use spells it won’t work out.

Giant Bombs and traps cover most of the free spaces and should take down the Hog riders. The wizard Tower will help in handling the hogs as well as the Dragons and taking them out quickly.

This Town Hall 8 war base is programmed focusing on Dragons, Hog Riders, Valks and is a great success against Gowipe and its likes.

Base 6: TH8 Town Hall 8 Anti Gowipe War Base 2019

Now, this Town hall 8 war base focuses only on the mission to defend against the deadliest Gowipe attacks and its likes. The outer cover of the base is widespread and has channeled cross-compartments with resources to distract the enemy troops and keep them from entering the base. Also, by predictive pathing, the Giant Bombs are wisely placed to trigger the kill squad. The Tesla will add to bringing the enemy troops down. The Builders Hut at every corner of the base will help in wasting time.

Keeping the enemy troops from funneling into the core and wasting as much of their time as possible is what you need for the perfect “Anti-Gowipe” strategy and this base is perfect for that.

Base 7: TH8 Anti Hog,GoHog War Base

Targeting mainly defending against Hog rider attacks and its likes such as GoHog. Hogs at TH8 become more powerful, especially with Level 4 upgrades. GoHog is another popular strategy that uses Golems and Hog Riders to break into your core. In this TH8 war base, Giant Bombs are placed with multiple compartment and lots of walls. The Giants Bombs are very powerful in taking down the Hog Riders while the walls will keep off the Golem from entering your base.

BASE 8 :Best 2019 COC TH8 Anti Dragon War Base With Air Sweeper 

The TH8 War base focuses more on defending against Dragons. In TH8 you’ll be faced hug Mass of Dragon attacks and this base will rip out Dragons into shreds.

The best feature of this base is the Air Defense with the arrangement of Air Sweepers across the base. The Air defenses are widespread so even if the attacker uses Lightening spells, they won’t be able to take down all of the Air Defenses. Air Sweepers are another star of the base. They are really helpful in taking down the Dragons and enemies usually try to avoid it. But the counter placement there will catch the Dragons anyway. Other elements of the base such as the Tesla and Inferno Tower are added to killing dragons faster.

BASE 9 : Best TH8 2019 Anti 3 Star War Base 2019

This TH8 war base is not as easy as it appears and that is what it makes it so exciting. The base looks quite easy and the attacker might think that they can easily 3 or 2 star this base but it is not as easy as that. The base hides within itself the powers of some of the best defensive strategies. The widespread and multiple compartment features of the base gives it a bonus of being a channeled base which helps in distracting the enemy troops and works as an Anti-Gowipe. The base will also work efficiently against Hog attacks and its likes as well.

In conclusion, the base is a TH8 Anti 3 star base and is super powerful. If you are against a major attacks, use this base and thank us later!

BASE 10 : THE BEST 2019 COC TOWN HALL8 TH8 War Base, Anti Dragons, Anti Hogs, Anti GoWiPe..

In this the  TH8 war base defends against dragons, Hog Rider and Gowipe attacks too. The widespread gives hichanneling effect to the base which gives the base a great defense against Hogs and Gowipe strategies. The powerful air defense with air sweepers give the base a powerful defense against mass dragon attacks.

Generally, the base can ward off all the dragon and hog attacks as well as the Gowipe attack!


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