Best TH10 War Base with , Trophy base & Farming Base Layouts 2019

Here we have the latest Best Town Hall 10 War Bases, Farming Bases & Trophy Bases.

It’s time for a new base design. All recent base designs I featured here have become very popular so, they can beaten by people who have studied them over time but now is this a new story. I gathered together the latest solid base designs for TH10, War Base Layouts and Farming Base Layouts.

Best Town Hall 10 War Base, farming base & Trophy Base Layouts 2019

New Town Hall 10 War Base Design 2019

This base here will work just great. please note that I will make some real Clan War Leagues base designs soon. so you rather want to use the trophy base instead for Clan War Leagues as preventing the 2nStar there is the key and only one attack per person makes it easier to defend with a trophy base. This base here focuses on preventing the 3 Star.

If you’re about to go to war, here you find the best army setup plus additional tips that will help you get 3 stars in War.

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TOWN HALL 10 need a lot of Dark Elixir and here are good bases that will help you with all that you need.

COC Top th10 War Base Anti Valkyrie 2019 NEW!

best town hall 10 war base
best town hall 10 war base 2019 pics
best th10 war base anti 3 stars
best th10 war base anti 3 stars 2019 pics

 this layout is designed to fight attacks against Anti valkyrie, Anti Air Attacks and Anti Bowler.

The First in the list is an excellent layout.This is one of the layout in the list which has unique construction. this layout has four different boxed apartments having two inferno towers in the opposites of the base which covers the entire defense buildings around them and if we look at the outer apartment which has air sweepers deep inside followed by x-bows. Just observe how perfectly this base design is constructed.

New COC TH10 war base anti bowlers 2019.

level 10 war base with geared cannon
level 10 war base with geared cannon 2019

The Main thing about this base build up is to make troops go round across the layout and if you clearly obsserve, the main compartment is made up with the main defensive structures.

This top level 10 layout can defend against attacks from Valkyrie, Hogs, Miners, Air Attacks and Bowlers. This is the best village you can ask for.

Top best TH10 war base anti 2 stars, miners 2019!!

clash of clans town hall 10 war base anti 2 stars

This war base above is an anti 2 star layout. This layout lure the enemys to attack because this design is one sided, you can see at the bottom right side, the heavy concentration of mainly defensive buildings that makes it an anti 2 star base design. This base can defend Attacks against Valkyrie’s, Air Troops (Hounds and Balloons) and Miners.

Best 2019 clash of clans town hall 10 war base anti everything.

coc town hall 10 war base anti bowler valkyrie

Lets take a alook at how this layout build up is differentiated and arranged. It makes really difficult for ground troops to reach the inner compartment. All defensive buildings are outside the two inner compartments but the attackers assumption will be different they will think the exact opposite to it.

th10 war base anti everything
Best town hall 10 war base with anti everything pics

This layout is a difficult nut to crack. It is hard to construct a suitable funnel at the ideal side together with all the Town Hall plastered with little sections that may break an assault and also make it more challenging to command troops into the center and also controlling a clockwise attacking approach.

th10 war base anti vakyrie and anti everything

Best th10 war base with anti valkyrie and anti everything new!

With this foundation here it is difficult to strike if the attacker chooses to use air troops together with the Inferno positioning along with also the Air Defenses in line right at the middle of the base.

one of the good th10 war base 2019
New th10 war base 2019

We will start with a strong Anti 3 Star design, because it will force the attacker with Queen Charge to attack at the top as a result of the unreachable Inferno Tower in Single Mode at the base. The Hunting Air Mines will create that Queen Charge a brief one and in the event the attacker uses Bowlers he’ll fail in the center of the bottom unable to receive 3 stars.

clash of clans town hall 10 war base with bomb tower
Best COC town hall 10 war base with bomb tower

If your village usually gets attacked by Queen Charge, hog riders or bowlers, this base Is best chance at getting back at them, because This layout works perfectly against Valks but also other assaulting enemies like Golems. The typical design of these compartments will divide up the troops and bring them down merciless until they could even get to the middle.

Best TH10 war base anti 3 stars 2019

coc th10 war base
coc th10 war base 2019

So in Addition, the Clash of Clan is very hard to lure as well as also the defending Queen is indeed deep within the bottom that any suicide strike will neglect to take down her in the raid.

coc th10 war base with bomb tower
COC town hall 10 war base with bomb tower

Defending against Queen Walks works great with this designs amazing Air Defense positioning and they’re in the place at which the Queen can not reach them without moving through the walls but they could still aim the Healers and create a Queen Walk neglect.

th10 war base anti bowlers with bomb tower
town hall 10 war base anti bowlers with bomb tower

level 10 war base anti everything
town hall 10 war base anti everything 2029

Loons are a major thing in Clan Wars for TH10, but this foundation can allow you to counter them. But even the Air Defenses are Difficult to reach from the outside and the inside of the foundation will smash Lava Hounds incredibly quickly so guards can aim the Balloons. This design works good against Miner or even Bowler using the tactical trap placement they can not avoid running into.

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