Best TH7 war Base 2019,farming base, trophy base and hybrid base 2020 UPDATES

The Best [UNDEFEATED] TH7 War Base, Farming, Trophy & Hybrid 2020 Layouts

COC is a strategy and management war based game. It appears to be quiet simple and easy when you start to play it but as you play on through it, things become a little complicated and need some careful planning with smart strategies. TH7 coc Base layout for your village is one of the most important things in the game. It defines your strategies and how good they are. As you upgrade to TH7 BASE some new items are unlocked, new defenses, walls and so much more. All of have to be setup in a well strategically planned manner.

So, we came up with The Best TownHall 7 bases . These bases can be used to build and design your village based on your priorities and the techniques you are using. Each of the bases for TH7 given below are carefully planned and tested by skilled coc gamers. So, use these TH7 war bases , TH7 Trophy Bases, TH7 Farming Bases, TH7 Hybrid Basesto make your village a better and stronger one. Choose among 30+ bases for TH7 and sort the one that fits you the best. Lay out a perfect best TH7 base and top the leader board in Clash Of Clans app.

TOP 10 TH7 War Base 2019: Anti 3 Star/ Anti Dragon/Hogs/ Ballons/ 3 Air Defenses

1. –  The Best Town hall 7 War Base/ TH7 Anti drag, Anti Hog, Anti giants War Base 2019

The base that ranks over all the others in TH7 war bases is this one here! This COC War base is great defense over some of the most dreadful and terrorizing creatures of Clash of clans . Tonaviod confusing you am talking about Dragons, Hog riders and Giants. All of them with DPS can destroy your base before you know it and to win you need a base that can kick some real dragon and giants asses. Here in this base, we have planned all the base elements to tackle them. This clash of clans TH7 war base includes air defenses which are great against hogs and dragons with some ground strategies for giants. Try this base and watch them burn!

2. Clash of clans TH7 War Bases: Anti 3 Star 2019 & 3 Air Defenses

For all the attackers that plan their strategies to target your base with Dragons and Hog riders at TH7 with high DPS, you have to plan your strategies to rack them up first. And this is the perfect base layout for this. Anti Dragon, Anti Hog strategy we’ll be using for a great TH7 war base that includes using air defenses and other traps.

3. COC Town hall 7 (Th7) War Base: ANTI Dragon & ANTI Hog Strategy

Focusing on air attacks to defend against the dragons and hog riders, this clash of clash TH7 war base is hard core against the most dreaded creatures in COC.

The strategy used here is not very popular which is an advantage as not many of you attackers will be able to break through the core. This Anti Dragon and Anti Hog strategy will get you some great wins!

4-  Clash of Clans – Town hall 7 (Th7) War Base + 3 Air Defense REPLAY – ANTi Dragon Strategy

To stop some of the most dangerous creatures and by this I mean Dragons from racking down your base you will need some really strong Air Defenses.

Dragons are vulnerable to air defenses and the Replay defense – Anti Dragon Strategy works like a powerful weapon against them.  This amazing th7 war base has been proven to be very effective against dragons which are the one to focus on in Town Hall 7.

5. Best Townhall 7 War Base 2019 With Replays ,Anti Dragon, Anti Hog, Anti 3 Star, Anti 2 Star With 3 Air Defense

With strategic offensive tactics with dragons and hog riders attacking your base, you need you to have an Anti 3 star TH7 war base with Anti Dragon Anti Hog to have a solid defense to take them down. And this Th7 war base is best for an Anti 3 star or Anti 2 star.Combined with 2 air defense this war base can easily and quickly take out all the dragons and hogs in a blink.

6.TH7 ANTI 3 STAR WAR BASE: 3 Air Defenses, Best War Base 2020

TownHall 7 wars get tough and you need to get tougher in order to win. The main threats to your base are only a few, you either destroy them or they will destroy you.

Air defenses are what you need to pay serious attention to. Dragons and hogs cannot be taken down easily if your war base has good air defense. This TH7 war base is an Anti 3 start war base which can get you one of the strongest base in TH7.

7. COC – Town hall 7 (Th7) War Base + 3 Air Defense & Anti Dragon Strategy

The Town hall 7 anti dragon war base is a solid combination of badass land defense with 3 Air Defense for an effective Anti Dragon strategy. This particular TH7 War base focuses on taking down Dragons.

If you are not defending against the dragons at Town Hall 7 in your war base, there is a definite chance that your base will be toren apart.

8. TH7 WAR BASE 2018 , Best War Bases 2020

The best TH7 war base is here with anti everything. you don’t only need to pay attention defending your base against dragons, hogs and giants, You will have to play smart setting up air defenses with some tough land defense too. This TH7 has got everything you need. Design/ build your base as shown and have a great win ahead of any attack!

9. Best TH7  War Bases of 2020- Anti Dragons,Anti Hogs,Anti Balloons with 3 Air Defense.

The main things that will drive you insane in Town Hall are dragons, hogs and balloons. They don’t only attack you from outer base, they can survive to destroy it till the very end. So, here is all what you need: ANTI DragonAnti Hogs and Anti balloons. 

Having a stratgic plan against these three especially will have you win some of the toughest war in COC. The clash of clans TH7 war base is built particularly to defend against the most dreaded creatures and attacks.

10. Best of Clash of clans TH7  War Bases of 2020: Anti Dragons,Anti Hogs,Anti Balloons with 3 Air Defense

The 3 Air Defense mixed up with Anti Dragons, Anti Hogs and Anti Balloons strategy to power up your TH7 war base is the one shown here. Try this for a powerful defense in Town Hall 7 to tackle Dragons, hogs and balloons.
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