FORTNITE: Week 1 Challenges guide (Season 6)

Fortnite Season 6 has just begun and it’s certainly the spookiest yet. Pets have been introduced, there are all new skins to collect and many areas of the map have been corrupted by darkness. Let’s not forget that there are all new weekly challenges to complete too.

As per usual, completing these weekly challenges will earn you Battle Stars which’ll go towards levelling up your Battle Pass. On top of this though, they’re now a valuable part of levelling up your progressive Season 6 outfits, so it’s best to get on top of them early to have a shot at unlocking the fully-fledged versions of Calamity and Dire.

Below we’ve put together a list of all the Week 1 Challenges, along with some tips and tricks to help you get them over with as soon as possible.

FORTNITE :Week 1 Challenges List (Season 6)

Here’s a quick overview of all the challenges in Week 1 of Season 6. All you need to do to beat the challenge!

Fortnite Season 6 week 1 challenges

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Regain health from a Cozy Campfire

Again, this challenge requires quite a little bit of luck in finding the Cozy Campfire in the first place. If you do stumble across a couple, make sure you plant them down on platforms, surround yourself in wooden box for protection and snuggle up in the warmth of your campfire.

Pickup a Legendary Item in different matches

For this challenge there’s nothing for it but to go on a mad looting spree. Focus all your efforts on cracking open as many chests or supply crates as possible and hope that a shiny, golden weapon falls at your feet.

Otherwise, it’s a case of playing matches out, hoping to reach the late game and eliminating players who are highly geared. The likelihood is that they’ll drop at least one piece of Legendary gear if they’ve made it to the final two circles.

Apply Shields

This one is pretty self explanatory. Find shield potions over the course of a few games! Then simply use as many of them as possible until this challenge is complete.

From the look of things, you’ll simply need to crack open 3 chests and you’ll complete this challenge – simple!

Land at Junk Junction

This is a multi-stage challenge that’ll require you to land at Junk Junction first before switching over to another 2 named locations. Land at these places for the next three matches and you’ll get this challenge complete with ease.

Dance under different Streetlight Spotlights

I guess HarryNinetyFour’s has already done us a great favour and highlighted seven Streetlight Spotlights for us to dance under. Check out the video below: or the link in YouTube >>>

If you found the video helpful, do make sure to give it a like and consider subscribing to the channel!

Eliminate opponents in different named locations

To complete this final challenge you’ll need to earn 1 elimination in 5 different named locations, i.e Tilted Towers, Tomato Temple etc.

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