Unlocking Builder Hall 8 Update March 2020

New Builder Hall 8

A whole new Builder hall. What more can we expect?

Builder hall 8 has just landed after all the current halls we are experiencing and playing with our hands on. You know that there were a lot of rumours, leaks and foul playing after the sneak peek got released for it. So here it is, and I will tell you how the builder hall 8 looks like.

In the previous Builder hall 7, we have seen chimneys on it. Not just one, there are two chimneys on the Builder hall 8 and it just looks dope. Three gears on the builder hall side and a fire blazing window adds so much value to it.

Over all, the Builder hall 8 is so neat and cool as we watch it from a top view.

Let’s hear about the others.

-New Troops And Defenses To The Base.

-New Troops For Builder Base

-Super P.E.K.K.A

 Well, we all have heard a lot about the Super P.E.K.K.A from the moment a separate Builder base got released for Clash Of Clans players. It’s time and SuperP.E.K.K.A is here.

What special power does she has?

After reaching the lowest health point by damaging attacks, Super P.E.K.K.A discharges a heavy explosion around her, and you know what will happen next.

New Defense

Mega Tesla

Mega Tesla, the new Builder hall defense building is here. So, it does looks like a heavy bolts of electricity like the Hidden tesla does. It almost has the same functionalities like it, and it’s chain lightning attack does harm each enemy troop one by one.

Mega Tesla according to me, looks like a big chunk of harmful offense for the enemy troops. If you can’t withstand in front of it, then you are finished.

Whole New Levels For Battle Machine

The levels for the battle machine has just increased to a max level of 25 from the level 10 one. We don’t know what are the additional abilities the battle machine has got, but with the time rolling, you surely will know.

And yes, along with it You can unlock level 5 Electric Hammer.

The Trader

The trader exactly looks like an extra shop for every clasher. It is a point from where you can get magical items.

But how?

You can avail magical items from the trader in exchange of  a pinch of gem without wasting any single second.

Suppose you couldn’t grab any magical items from the clan games. So here is the chance you can get one which you like the most.

Whole New Levels For Builder hall Troops.

In this update, the below troops have got two level improvements from their current levels. And this list includes armies like Raged barbarians to Drop Ship.

Now, you might you have an idea how huge is this update.

Raged Barbarian

In this update Raged Barbarian has got upgrades for level 15 and 16. Look below to find the extra info.

Level 15 Raged Barbarian: +9 DPS, and +27 HP.

Level 16 Raged Barbarian: Rage abilities improved.

Sneeky Archers

Sneeky archer, the silent attackers who doesn’t let enemies know their actual point of landing whenever deployed. And in this update, Sneeky archers are also getting two level ups.

Level 15 Sneeky Archer: +6 Dps, and 18 HP.

Level 16 Sneeky Archer: 2 more units for each army camp.

Boxer Giant

The heavy weight fighters AKA the Boxer Giants are also in the run huys. Boxer Giant has received 2 levels upgrade from the game itself. Let’s know what features does it has.

Level 15 Boxer Giant: +6 DPs, and +213 HP.

Level 16 Boxer Giant: One extra unit per army camp.

Beta Minion

The evil twin of the blue colored Minion, Beta Minion has also received the upgrades.

Level 15 Beta Minion: +6 DPs, and +18 HP.

Level 16 Beta Minion: Has improved long shot abilities.

Seems cool. Keep scrolling!


The successor of Wall breaker, Bomber has successfully managed to fit in the upgrade. Believe me, I can’t brace myself writing all these. So, please bear with me.

Level 15 Bomber: +6 DPs, and +18 HP.

Level 16 Bomber: +1 unit per each army camp.

Baby Dragon

After the bomber, here comes our lovely Bay Dragon, whose firey chunks make enemy defenses murmur in fear. Yes, the Baby Dragon, who is often so lovely has the following upgrades.

Level 15 Baby Dragon: +7 DPs, and +106 HP.

Level 16 Baby Dragon: HAs Improved tantrum ability.

Canon Cart:

The moving machine, Cannon cart has a little better improvement than the other troops and it was needed very badly. Thankfully they have added it so far.

Level 15 Cannon Cart: +18 DPs, and +35 HP.

Level 16 Cannon Cart: +1 unit per army camp.

Night Witch:

The holy mother of bats, Night Witch is known for its bat swarming technique for a long time. So, What we have here are the new bats and s little Hit point improvement.

Level 15 Night Witch: +16 Dps, and +35 HP.

Level 16 Night Witch: Improved Bat swarming technique.

Drop Ship

This one is last troop, but not the least. Drop ship which is known for dropping fatal Skeletons on enemy bases is the last troop to get upgrades ahead of the update. So, let’s stay focused on the topic and see what features does the new Drop Ships contain.  

Level 15 Drop Ship: +213 HP.

Level 16 Drop Ship: More speed while Skeleton Deployment.

New Additional Buildings For Builder Hall 8

Here is the full list of additional buildings for Builder Hall 8 March 2018 update.

  • 1 Elixir collector.
  • 1 gold mine.
  • 1 mega tesla.
  • 1 double cannon.
  • 1 army camp.
  • 1 hidden tesla.
  • 1 cannon.
  • 1 fire cracker.
  • 2 spring traps.
  • 1 push trap.
  • 1 mega mine.

These are the total new reources and defense buildings which were added to the Builder base 8. And here is one another biggest surprise for you!

Guess what?

Mortar Gear Up For Home Village.

Yes! From now, you can add a whole new multi-mortar to your home village. You just need to invite the master builder to your home village and he will do the magic himself.

And one thing more.

You need a builder hall 8 multi mortar of level 8 to gear up your home village mortar. Otherwise you can’t.

Additional Balancing Tweaks.

  • Level 12 Sneeky archer’s cloaking time has been decreased from 10 seconds to 8 seconds.
  • All level Drop Ship’s HP increased by 10%.
  • Versus battle reward point set to 5000 trophies only for now.

Wrapping It All Up.

With all these mind boggling features and resources, Clash Of Clans March 2018 update looks completely dope to me. And along with that, playing in builder hall 8 will be very fun. All new troop levels, new building, and other things will bring down new challenges too. But, don’t worry. You have to adjust with the time. And yes, we’ll come up with some new and awesome builder hall 8 base designs for you very soon. Till then keep enjoying the game and CLASH ON!!!

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