UPDATED TOWN HALL 12 War Base & Trophy Farming Base Layouts 2019

Town Hall 12 uses the same buildings (except the additional Hidden Tesla and the Workshop) as Town Hall 11, but the Giga Tesla inside the Town Hall and especially the Siege Machines require some adaptions in layout design. I put together the most recent solid base designs for TH12, War Base Layouts and Farming Base Layouts. ENJOY GAMERS


Before we start, theres\ is a little you will want to about this, If you choose to use an internet base layout – they may sometimes get very popular, so people learn to handle and beat them. It always helps to adapt them a little bit.


*UPDATED* TH 12 War Base / Clan War Leauge Layout 2019.

Usually i get asked about specific War League Designs as some War Base don’t really work that well in Clan War Leagues. The reason is they hadn out the 2-Star too easily while concentrating hard on protecting the 3-Star. In Clan War Leauge (CWL), the 2-Star is the winning star due to the shorter preparation period and the fact that every attacker only has 1 attack.

This base here is a more hybrid one that works well in Clan War and War Leagues.

Best TH 12

BEST TOWN HALL 12 Hybrid Base Layout 2019

This is a LOVELY hybrid layout I found that will help you protect your resources, primarily Dark Elixir and regular Elixir as Gold is not that tough to have at Town Hall 12. The compartments are pretty well arranged, especially the top part where most attackers want to attack from due to the Eagle Artillery but most especially Wall Breakers will not have a good time. ENJOY GAMERS!!!

town hall 12 hybrid farming base 2019

Town Hall 12 War Base & Trophy Base Layout Updated 2019 with 3 Inferno Towers!!!

Best TH12 War Base Design with 3rd Inferno Tower & Tornado Trap

These 3 Inferno Towers in Single Mode will protect the most sides from Queen charge attempts and force the attacker to pay a lot more attention with either additional troops or Freeze Spells while the Eagle Artillery is well-protected in the core and the Town Hall surrounded by a lot of point dps.

town hall 12 war base with 3 inferno towers and tornado trap

When the attacker starts going straight for the Town Hall he will very likely not even get a 2-Star.

TH12 Trophy Base Layout with 3rd Inferno Tower. Updates..

The Third Inferno Tower here adds an extra layer of protection for the Town Hall, compelling the attacker to use more Freeze Spells. The general setup with the dead spaces in the middle makes it hard for an attacker to overcome, so it will be very difficult to take both sides down.

th 12 trophy base with tornado trap and 3 inferno towers

Top 2019 Town Hall 12 Hybrid Base. *UNDEFEATED*

This base will protect your Dark Elixir along with your trophies and can also be used as a farming base by switching around some Storages as it fits your need.

hybrid base town hall 12

Town Hall 12 Trophy Base Layout (Latest updates).

th 12 trophy pushing base 2019

This time we mak a Town Hall 12 base that is primarily designed to push trophies even further than Legend League. The bottom compartment with the Eagle Artillery will prevent attackers to funnel the kill squad to the other side while attacking from the top will result in an Eagle Artillery kicking enemy troops during the whole attack.


Town Hall 12 Hybrid Base with third Inferno Tower 2019 Updates.

The third Inerno Tower in this Th12 Hybrid Base is used in Single-Mode to force enemies to either go spammy right from the beginning or using additional Freeze Spells along with any Archer Queen action ,helping to keep troops away from the core is where the main deal is.

th12 base with 3 inferno towers farming hybrid

New Anti 3 ⭐ TH12 War Base Layout.. 2019 Updates!!

This base uses the strategical arrangement of the Inferno Towers along with the Air Defenses very well to defend well against Siege Machines, including the path from the bottom that will end fast with the Single Target Inferno Tower putting an end at any Siege machine approach.

town hall 12 war base layout

UNDEFEATED Town Hall 12 War Base & Trophy Base Layouts July 2019.

Best Town Hall 12 Hybrid Base. Top 2018

We put together a solid hybrid base that you can use to protect your trophies but also resources if you’re focusing on farming Elixir you can also swap in Elixir Storages in the middle against the Gold Storage and Dark Elixir Storage a nice base to use!

th12 hybrid base coc 2018


TH12 Farming Base Layout Dark Elixir

Protecting your Dark Elixir works with this base with the centralized Dark Elixir Storage.made this great layout that works great so far for me. The right side is the mandatory access point for Queen Walks but the Air Defenses are hard to counter and the other sides will get crushed by the Eagle Artillery.

town hall 12 farming base th12

Town Hall 12 War Base Layout Anti 3-🌟

This base layout here has multiple features that protect stars perfectly. There are the Single-Mode Inferno Towers in the left and right corners that make a Queen Walk impossible there and too many single target defenses at the bottom. In addition, the paths in the middle plus the way how the buildings are spread make controled funneling quite tough and will help you preventing a 3 🌟, especially if you upgraded your Town Hall 12 to 5 ⭐.

town hall 12 war base clash of clans anti 3-star

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